Musleh Khan
London, UK
Musleh Khan
London, UK

London based product designer crafting digital experiences for problems worth solving.

In order to build products that people want, I take a data led approach to solving problems.

As the only designer at rebank, I use a breadth of tools to get an objective view on problems worth solving. This ranges from analytics tools like GA, mixpanel and fullstory, to more qualitative efforts such as users research sessions. This helps me to zero in on business opportunities, rate limiting steps and possible pain points that we can create solutions for.

I enjoy the full life cycle of working on something which begins life as an opaque problem, to then chiselling it down and giving it colour through wireframes, ready to then be pixel pushed on Figma.

Subsequently bringing an MVP/feature to life via protopie/webflow to be put in the hands of users for feedback long before any dev resources are deployed means I can help a business efficiently solve for a customer's biggest problem.

I have had the privilege of working with incredible founders building products that are redefining industries and creating altogether new ones. These companies have been backed by world renowned investors such as YC and Index Ventures.

Senior Product Designer • _rebank
Senior Product Designer • SeedLegals
JAN 22 - MAR 22
Product Designer • SeedLegals
JAN 19 - DEC 21
Design Consultant • DigitalGoldmine
NOV 16 - MAR 22
Durham University • LLB Law
2015 - 2018 • 3 years